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PMI Estimating Standard Comments

OriginalText 2366  While working on this building experience, the shop owner identifies process improvement Your Recommendation replace “this” with a description of what is being discussed so “the shop owner” is understandable. As it stands to read 6. means having to backtrack for context with no indication of where to go to Your Justification The indefinte […]

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Comments on The New PMI EVA/ EVM Standard

Today I received the response to my comments on the EVA/ EVM draft. 22 “Rejected”, which is disappointing 14 Accepted, 1 deemed ‘editorial’ etc out of 41 comments Its now mixed the concept of value as we’d use it every day with the un-intuitive use of it that is the root of Earned Value (in […]

Interactive Slide Sets

youTube videos – Hover for explanations ~Jmp Courses~ ~Jmp Misc~ Links PageEdit youTube PMP Playlist youTube PMO Playlist youTube Risk Management Playlist youTube Project Management Overview Playlist youTube PRINCE2Agile Foundation course Playlist Pictures 1-Choosing a development framework The sparse matrix from Flow to Emergent Complex-Adaptive All Development Frameworks have value in the right context – […]