Management of Change and Change Management

Management of Change & Change Management

Management of Change and Change Management – Creating the will to embrace, & the ability to control change

It has been said that change is the only constant, also that nothing is more perilous to undertake than introducing change, and that uncontrolled change is as consuming as fire.

You Will Learn To

  • Define the differences between Management of Change and Change Management
  • Manage the processes associated with defining project goals and project activities and maintaining alignment with an evolving business context
  • Create the will amongst those affected to accept change
  • Set-up and operate the elements of configuration management and version control


Overview 2 Days
0900 to 1630 formal class hours (1630 onward informal/ optional time for discussion of “topics raised on the day” if wanted), 1530 finish on second day.

Course Benefits

Learn the techniques for embedding change in the organisation, and the techniques that manage the description of required changes. Be able to use them together for effective delivery of project results.
Be able to take the principals of CM best practice back to work in projects and operational activities.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in definition and implementation of changes. Anyone involved in the control of project products.


  • Introduction and Overview
  • Terminology and concepts
  • Achieving Successful Project Outcomes: Management of Change
  • Defining Changes, Acceptance Criteria and Benefits
  • Establishing Change Control


Each chapter uses exercises & case-study segments to practice techniques and consolidate concepts.

  • Highlighting benefits of well conducted MoC & CM
  • Performing configuration identification.
  • Establishing a CM plan.
  • Conducting successful product releases.
  • Defining the charters for the Guiding Coalition and CCB.
  • Assessing your organisation’s capabilities.

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