Changing the Business: Programme Management

Changing the Business: Programme Management

Managing a programme is a step-up from project management: A different skill set that is aimed at driving change into the business. Orchestrating the full project set from evaluating options, building infrastructure, adding capability and bringing the whole ‘online’.

You Will Learn To

  • Establish programmes and divide them into projects that deliver business transformation.
  • Plan at programme level, interface to project planning and resolve the conflicts.
  • Establish programme roles required at all levels to safely drive the transformational change.
  • Track achievement through metrics , steering and closing projects and programmes.
  • Motivate, direct and rely upon all those involved in the specification, funding, execution and acceptance of project based activities.


Standard Full Course 3 Days
0900 to 1630 formal class hours (1630 onward informal/ optional time for discussion of “topics raised on the day” and demonstration of relevant software tools if wanted), 1530 finish on last day.

Course Benefits

Know the focus areas for establishing a programme from customer, resources provider and project participant’s perspectives.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with a managment role in delivering change via programmes including programme managers, change champions and sponsors.
Programme office and audit staff supporting or reviewing change initiatives within the organisation.


  • Introductions, Logistics & Contents
  • Programme Management
  • Learning From Experience
  • Concepts & Definitions
  • Project & Programme
  • Creating The Will To Accept Change
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Politics, Influence & End-Points
  • Pursuit of Opportunity: Investment & Risk
  • Planning at Programme Level
  • Resourcing (Staffing) The Plan
  • Programme Communications
  • Governance Life-cycles, Stage Gates & Approvals
  • Tracking And Reporting Progress
  • Programme Deliveries & Close-outs


Throughout the course the case-study supports participates in programme planning the rollout of best practices in programme management Back@Work.

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