Advanced Project Management Topics

Advanced courses build on, assume competence in and add to the basic skills. After achieving skills in scope and quality specification, budget and schedule development and achievement tracking comes consideration of how to deliver projects above the complexity that centralised command and control can cope with. In recent years the ‘Agile’ software community has loudly expressed ideas that have been around for a long time in all branches of project management. One of our advanced courses below covers complex projects that benefit from adding techniques that exploit ideas from nature or Complex Adaptive Systems to basic structured approaches in order to deliver projects that demand decentralised approaches. Another covers how to examine troubled and struggling projects and re-stabilise them. In fact Logical Model offers six Advanced Topics for Project Management

  1. Delivering Complex Projects
  2. Project Rescue: Diagnosing & Rescuing Troubled Projects
  3. Herding Cats: Managing Project Managers, Programmes and Portfolios
  4. PMO Set-up and Operation
  5. Changing the Business: Programme Management
  6. Management of Change and Change Management