A Step Later – True Psychological Safety

Get ride of Codes of Conduct (invisible minefields for the neurodiverse to be lynched by self-righteous n-typicals).

Nothing says “WARNING Psychological DANGER” more than a CoC pinned to a wall

Adopt “A Step Later”

  • A – Ask
    How was it for you, What did you mean, What’s your context?
    Did the speaker (accused) mean what the listener (judge!) interpreted they heard when they decoded in their context
  • STEP – Specific, Three, Examples, Pause
    Specific – Explain how what was heard evoked FEELings – “when you said…i felt…because…”
    Three examples reduces chances of something being ‘by chance’ – it doesn’t mean give three it means have three you could cite before an accusation
    Pause for a week or a minute – allow for collecting thoughts & preparing response – The prosecution has been waiting & preparing to spring into action and the accuse has equal rights
    Accept & Thank,
    Analyse & Think, Evaluate & Explore (& Repeat),
    Reform or Reject or Recognize differences (celebrate the Rich value in the concurrent acceptance of the Richest Diversity)