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Meetings, The Benefits of Shared Understanding and How To Achieve it!

Had any meetings recently? How would you score the meeting and your co-attendees out of 10? My own experience is that a ‘10 meeting’ needs clued-up, contributing, relevant people and a good process that travels the path from “Welcome” to “See you next time”. I recently met Kelvin McGrath of MeetingQuality at the 2017 #PMOConference. […]

PMBok-Guide 6th and VUCA

The 6th Edition Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK®-G) Helps Us Prosper In A VUCA World <link rel=canonical href=”” /> The world is a dynamic place. We are constantly being challenged with change. Increasingly, how to respond to those challenges is being explained by people with smart insights. One thing is for […]