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#NoEstimatesBook and #KnowEstimating

An open comment Vasco, Hi Thanks for sharing your book 🙂 I’ve read Chapter 1, I’m ready for chapter 2 – your condition of supply was to provide comment – here is some. I’m unconvinced that you have sound insight. It isn’t just software that needs to learn how to estimate Take a look at […]

#NoEstimates – A Strange Argument

I’ve been reawakened to trying to unravel the #NoEstimates argument. I first came across it when Glen Alleman (@galleman) of fame liked my Free Estimating Course. Shim Marom’s  (@shim_marom) article is a great summary & cross reference to relevant posts from other people’s blogs. Seems the #NoEstimate community’s issue is that most peoples estimating ability is crap so an […]

A New Generation Of Thinking – It isn’t (just) about projects

Project thinking has been dominated over the last 50 years by writings that are myopic. The perspective has been “unique temporary endeavour bounded by an iron triangle of cost time and performance of delivered output” whose interplay can be reduced to a time-scaled bar-chart. The thinking required to isolate and describe the concepts and build […]