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The Difference Between PROJECT & PRODUCT Life-Cycles

All too often I see the concept of Life-Cycle applied as if it were one dimensional. Yes with choice within the dimension but still missing expressions of the essentials. Worse the choice aspect seems mostly to incite fevour about exclusive selection between the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’ life-cycle. It is perhaps the ignorance of youth […]

Do Programs Exist?

“Programs” (or Programmes) are difficult things to discuss as within Industry and Associations  the concepts are poorly though through – Little ‘clear blue water’ exists between definitions of Pgm & Project; most defnitions endure little scrutiny without collapsing due to ambiguity and waffle. BUT There is a useful distinction; Program MANAGEMENT is a distinct focus […]

#pmFlashBlog – A view of PM From the UK

I’m in the uk. Project folk routinely inspire me while at the same time the pm ‘establishment’ depresses me. Dawn Sunrise I hope PM is at the dawn of a great age. The signs are there and I for one know the steps required! But the darkest hour is just before dawn. Current PM capability […]

Three Themes of A Gate Review

(Picture) A gate review is a PORTFOLIO concept where projects are required to demostrate that they are healty. Project health has three axis of measurement Commercial – which includes political and leadership or sponsorship – Right thing  and Quality as Fit for purpose  Control – which relates to management – Done right and Quality as […]

The Power of Earned Value Is Easy For Anyone to Harness

I hear a lot of bullshit about earned value’s complexity. Also the impossibility of introducng it to projects once started or a whole load more excuses. The one arguement I have sympathy with is that many people make a very simple idea horridly, unnecessarily complex. My major reservation is that some people overlook that without clear acceptace […]