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SMART – isn’t as smart as we need

SMART is an acronym that someone came up with and millions have repeated without much thinking. When analysed it is a pretty dumb acronym. When recited it is also fairly variable what words are ascribed to some of the letters. Lets examine it in search of the good ideas it embodies and improvement of the […]

Foundations of Project Based Change: Episodes

A project is a block of work. So too is a programme (or program) and a work-package and an activity and a phase and a stage and a control account and a task A “Block of work” in #pm_ngt vocabulary is an “episode”. A definition we gain by using Dimension Four for defining benefits. Episodes Every episode […]

Foundations of Project Based Change: Process and Procedure

Process is what happens while procedure is the human imposition of description on process, often to reduce options on the temporal ordering and assignment of duties to match competencies. Sugar dissolving in tea is a process, using a dry spoon to add two spoonfuls before string and placing the wet spoon on the saucer is both process […]

Two Different Sources of Value From PRINCE2

~~O~~ PreAmble: Logical Model offer a $99 P2 exam prep course because it is our belief that the exam cram does not give companies value – So it should not cost a lot. The exam course gives individuals a qualification that aids job mobility. It does not equip “practitioners” to be practicing project managers – too much […]

MosCoW – A Scope Organiser For Scope Contingency

Project baselines often make explicit provision for financial contingeny and schedule contingency but few people seem to know ho wto define & manage scope contingency. First we should note that contingency is for Known UnKnows (risks) and risk can be positive and negative so contingencies should include capitalsising on the good as well as compensating […]