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#pmngt-014 Everyone touched by business change can benefit from #pmngt

Change is almost universally unwelcome. People are so anti-change that they prefer to live with a known evil than pursue a potential future benefit! #pmngt provides techniques that addresses decision maker’s needs to explore possible futures and debate choices about those choices, it supports managers describe contradictory pressures that arise from business-as-usual and project imperatives […]

#pm_ngt-013 Improving the state of the art in project governance

#pm_ngt-013 Improving governance of project based change. Correctly conceptualized a project is a journey from steady-state-business-as-usual to steady-state-business-as-usual. The journey from state to state changes one or more or all of the people involved, changes their roles, their authority levels, the processes they follow, the resources used, the raw materials consumed, the products created and distributed, the […]

#pm_ngt-011 & _012 A common sense approach to project based change

#pm_ngt-011 and pm_ngt-012 – Common sense is a counter-intuitive topic! I suggest that common sense is not “what everyone knows” but “what everyone readily agrees with when exposed to it”. Much of what we are happy to call ‘common sense’ is actually hard to discover and has to be actively passed from person-to-person to spread. […]