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#pmngt socialises change and starts planning with backcasting

Summary in the #pm_ngt story so far #pm_ngt has three strands: start early by describing and delegating the end-state as a ‘future history’, ensure escalation is as well handled as delegation and care for the tramua caused by non-negotiable change. If this summary was too terse skip back to the July 2nd post and read onwards from […]

Components of #pm_ngt D4’s RE®s VDs and VF®s

#pm_ngt (project management New Generation  Thinking) is a pragmatic integration of the structure of P2 (extended) with (most of) the tools of D4 and the PMBoK Guide. This blog-post is the first of several that survey what is included in #pm_ngt and how the bits are integrated. (if P2 D4 etc aren’t familiar see previous week’s post) Basis […]

An Overview of #pm_ngt: The structure and content of New Generation Thinking

Simon Harris, principal of Logical Model Ltd gives a short overview of what #pm_ngt is. Context Lets start with the context for projects: #pm_ngt starts with the observation that an organisation is a collection of different types of interacting capital: The most important type is that collection of people’s shared behaviors and values and relationships referred to by the horrid and […]

What is #pm_ngt?

What is #pm_ngt #pm_ngt is ‘Project Management: New Generation Thinking’. It is the result of asking and answering “What would increase project management’s success rate?” A new generation of project management thinkers is all around us. #pm_ngt integrates their thinking triggered by the obvious failures of yesterday’s state-of-te-art when used today. #pm_ngt helps organizations improve the […]