Welcome To Logical Model

We provide project management training that integrates across needs at levels of Direct Manage and Deliver

We train Senior leadership in skills to develop & cascade vision – Helping directors to direct by expressing strategy that responds to VUCA* pressures
We train manager’s (project and operational) in skills to design then trigger and control motivated actions that deliver cascaded strategy & escalate decision support needs
We train operational and technical specialist folk in skills to coordinate the actions and report status  – ‘doing’

About Our B2B Training Services    About Our B2C eLearning (& Free Resources)

The short presentation below explains and gives links to beginner’s (free resources), credentialed exams, intermediate (Topic specific Master-classes) and advanced topics

If you prefer a text precis is below the slides


Presentation Precis ~ Who are Logical  Model? and How We Might Be of Value To You?

  • Logical Model’s principal is Simon Harris
    • –Hi, I’ve over 30 years experience…
  • What We Do: Are you Considering a PM Career or have you recently become an Accidental PM?
    • If you are considering a PM career or as an accidental Project Manager with a day job you need a free ‘all-the-basics’ slide-show then- Click to jump to an eLearning course that will help
      (Relevant if you have no PM background so need an intro)
    • Or maybe PM is a career choice…
  • What We Do: Support for Early PM Career Needs
    • You might be wanting practitioner exam verification of experience? or a Foundation exam pass to prove your focus in the promotion or job search journeys –We offer excellent – according to our reviews – PRINCE2®, PRINCE2agile®, CAPM® and PMP® eLearning –Here’s a link to the Self-paced eLearning
      • The beauty of eLearning is it is self-paced. It enables us to include content that steps beyond the exam syllabus to give better perspective of use Back@Work™. Something a time-constrained one-week-exam-cram can’t do
      • Foundation exams do not require pre-requisistes. PRINCE2 and PRINCE2Agile are both available as foundation exams. CAPM requires just a few qualifying criteria are met. PRINCE2 and P2-Agile and PMP all have pre-requisites as explained on their relevant course sign-up pages
    • Or maybe you would prefer non-exam oriented Masterclasses like Risk, Quality, Estimating, Earned value etc ? Courses suited to mixed agile and predictive teams, projects, programs & portfolios
  • What We Do: After You Have Your First Professional Credentials
    • Are you at the next stage? You need insight beyond the credentials?
    • E.g. How to: Lead initiatives to transform your organisation and Lead complex projects, Set-up and run PMOs or Rescue troubled projects?
    • We offer e- and v-Learning and ILT* blended approaches
      • *ILT means Instructor led training
      • e-Learning is video on demand and self-paced
        vLearning is ‘live-instructor-led-training’. A classroom on the internet with a set schedule
    • Do these topics match you’re need? Here is a link to >>>eLearning<<< or here is an overview of the vLearning and blended offerings
  • What We Do: Our Holistic View – Pragmatic Thought Leadership for a VUCA* world
    • Projects are the change engine within the portfolio of all of an organisation’s activities. Logical Model’s non-exam courses take the view that ‘project management’ is just one element within wider needs in a hierarchy and time-line
      • Hierarchical: Overall success needs a shared culture across the organisations layers of Direct and Manage and Deliver
    • Time now to view the video slides above for the holistic contents…
    • VUCA = Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It contrasts to the Stable, Certain, Simple, Clear context assumed by most PM advise – see our explaination
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  • The Holistic Concepts and Insights…