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One of our classes in Tbilisi, Georgia.

We provide project management training that integrates across needs at levels of Direct Manage and Deliver

We train Senior leadership in skills to develop & cascade vision – Helping directors to direct by expressing strategy that responds to VUCA* pressures
We train manager’s (project and operational) in skills to design then trigger and control motivated actions that deliver cascaded strategy & escalate decision support needs
We train operational and technical specialist folk in skills to coordinate the actions and report status  – ‘doing’

About Our B2B Training Services    About Our B2C eLearning (& Free Resources)

The short presentation below explains and gives links to beginner’s (free resources), credentialed exams, intermediate (Topic specific Master-classes) and advanced topics

If you prefer a text precis is below the slides


Presentation Precis ~ Who are Logical  Model? and How We Might Be of Value To You?

  • Logical Model’s principal is Simon Harris
    • –Hi, I’ve over 30 years experience…
  • What We Do: Are you Considering a PM Career or have you recently become an Accidental PM?
    • If you are considering a PM career or as an accidental Project Manager with a day job you need a free ‘all-the-basics’ slide-show then- Click to jump to an eLearning course that will help
      (Relevant if you have no PM background so need an intro)
    • Or maybe PM is a career choice…
  • What We Do: Support for Early PM Career Needs
    • You might be wanting practitioner exam verification of experience? or a Foundation exam pass to prove your focus in the promotion or job search journeys –We offer excellent – according to our reviews – PRINCE2®, PRINCE2agile®, CAPM® and PMP® eLearning –Here’s a link to the Self-paced eLearning
      • The beauty of eLearning is it is self-paced. It enables us to include content that steps beyond the exam syllabus to give better perspective of use Back@Work™. Something a time-constrained one-week-exam-cram can’t do
      • Foundation exams do not require pre-requisistes. PRINCE2 and PRINCE2Agile are both available as foundation exams. CAPM requires just a few qualifying criteria are met. PRINCE2 and P2-Agile and PMP all have pre-requisites as explained on their relevant course sign-up pages
    • Or maybe you would prefer non-exam oriented Masterclasses like Risk, Quality, Estimating, Earned value etc ? Courses suited to mixed agile and predictive teams, projects, programs & portfolios
  • What We Do: After You Have Your First Professional Credentials
    • Are you at the next stage? You need insight beyond the credentials?
    • E.g. How to: Lead initiatives to transform your organisation and Lead complex projects, Set-up and run PMOs or Rescue troubled projects?
    • We offer e- and v-Learning and ILT* blended approaches
      • *ILT means Instructor led training
      • e-Learning is video on demand and self-paced
        vLearning is ‘live-instructor-led-training’. A classroom on the internet with a set schedule
    • Do these topics match you’re need? Here is a link to >>>eLearning<<< or here is an overview of the vLearning and blended offerings
  • What We Do: Our Holistic View – Pragmatic Thought Leadership for a VUCA* world
    • Projects are the change engine within the portfolio of all of an organisation’s activities. Logical Model’s non-exam courses take the view that ‘project management’ is just one element within wider needs in a hierarchy and time-line
      • Hierarchical: Overall success needs a shared culture across the organisations layers of Direct and Manage and Deliver
    • Time now to view the video slides above for the holistic contents…
    • VUCA = Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It contrasts to the Stable, Certain, Simple, Clear context assumed by most PM advise – see our explaination
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  • The Holistic Concepts and Insights…