PMI Estimating Standard Comments

OriginalText 2366  While working on this building experience, the shop owner identifies process improvement Your Recommendation replace “this” with a description of what is being discussed so “the shop owner” is understandable. As it stands to read 6. means having to backtrack for context with no indication of where to go to Your Justification The indefinte […]

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Comments on The New PMI EVA/ EVM Standard

Today I received the response to my comments on the EVA/ EVM draft. 22 “Rejected”, which is disappointing 14 Accepted, 1 deemed ‘editorial’ etc out of 41 comments Its now mixed the concept of value as we’d use it every day with the un-intuitive use of it that is the root of Earned Value (in […]

Interactive Slide Sets

Our (old) CobIT materials – when it was Vn4 estimatingskills EVmanagement morethanjustpm p2 null – p2a pjpgpjcontext PMforNonPMs pmoandportfolio pnu ProjectRecovery risk TeamsAndTasks agg aggv aod axelostool benefitstool competencytool/transformationleader34 complexprojects iSpring/competencytool lcp lfe mspj ngt/pmngt1 ngt/pmngt2 ngt/pmngt3 ngt/pmngt4 ngt/pmngt5 ODN/aodContext ODN/elearn ODN/members ODN/WebHello ODN/WebIntro ODN/TheProf p2a/P2aExamPapers – Many pjgov PMI250918 pmngt pmo/pmonorthMethods pmo/pmonorthResourcing pmo/pmonorthresourcing […]

PMP ITTO made easy

People approaching the PMP exam are often daunted by the prospect of learning the Inputs and outputs and tools and techniques of the processes. As an act of pure memory and with a 100% target its a Herculean task. A much more realistic target is to learn the key ones. Key means high chance of […]


PRINCE2® as Transitioning Adolescent?

  PRINCE2 has been around since ’96 making it just about 23 years old. In all that time it has been mis-sold, and mostly we’ve had an uncomfortable suspicion something was amiss. Adolescence is the transition to adulthood rather than a specific age. The end of adolescence marks maturity claimed and acknowledged, to hold responsibilities. […]