Delivering Results to Plan – Structured Project Management

Delivering Results to Plan – Structured Project Management

A basic and structured course in project planning and control based on accepted best-practice.

You Will Learn How To

  • Confidently apply the tools and techniques of project planning and progress monitoring and reporting.
  • Justify your plan when challenged by management to show that it is real-world and robust.
  • Articulate project status and probability of success as circumstances and constraints are changed.
  • Recognise the steps you do naturally or are mandated by organisational procedures and verify their completeness, supplement current areas of weakness or uncertainty.


  • Overview for those involved in projects 1 day.
  • Refresher for previous attendees 1 day.
  • Skimming the surface for those in a hurry 2 days.
  • Standard Practitioner workshops Course 3 and 4 Days Available

Course Benefits

  • Projects are challenged by a variety of difficulties, this course equips you to recognise the challenges and describe the practical responses available to management.
  • Apply best-practice tools and techniques to project planning and control.
  • Start and finish projects in control.
  • Push-back against unrealistic constraints and provide the project board with the right input to allow them to exercise appropriate control at strategic level.

Who Should Attend
Our short Overview sessions are ideal for everyone taking a role in project activities.
Practitioner workshops are appropriate to those moving into project management and those wishing to formalise and verify the completeness of learned-on-the-job approaches.

“Skimming the surface” session are appropriate to those who wish to gain an overview at the expense of depth and course based practice and will probably suit people with project oversight responsibilities or experienced PMs lacking in formal training.

Content (3 day Format)

  • Management of Projects
  • Definitions, Processes and People
  • Life-Cycles
  • Creating Useful Plans
  • Creating Useful Plans: Scope Management
  • Creating Useful Plans: Task Sequencing & Critical Path
  • Creating Useful Plans: Resourcing and Optimising the Schedule
  • Estimating
  • Estimating Appendix The Details For Those Needing Them!
  • Project Execution
  • Project Closeout

The course uses a variety of exercises and workshop sessions depending on the format selected.

For the 3 day format major tools and techniques are introduced and practiced via multiple exercises. For the 4-day format a fun case-study is added that applies techniques of estimating, scoping, scheduling, tracking, risk (uncertainty) and quality.
Concepts and application is clarified through application to the case-study.