Reaping the Return on Project Investment

Reaping the Return on Project Investment

Harvesting Benefits – Reaping the Return on Project Investment

Projects do not generate benefits, they enable them. Project mangers do not deliver benefits, they prepare the way. So who does generate the benefit and how do you ensure a return on the project investment?.

You Will Learn To
Secure the Return on Investment imagined before the funds were spent.
Set-up the pre-project and the post-project activity required to describe, benchmark, achieve, measure and tune benefits realisation.


  • Lightening Management Overview ½ Day
  • Standard Full Course 3 Days
    0900 to 1630 formal class hours (1630 onward informal/ optional time for discussion of “topics raised on the day” and demonstration of relevant software tools if wanted), 1530 finish on last day.

Course Benefits
You will know the steps required to improve the likelihood of expected returns from projects, who needs to be involved, doing what and when.

Who Should Attend
Anyone and everyone responsible for assessing project proposals, creating proposals, delivering benefits or auditing/ overseeing the delivery of benefits versus project justifications.

Content & Workshops

  • Benefits Realisation
    Route-Map, Benefits Management Tasks.
  • What is Benefits Realisation
    Benefits v. Investment, Benefits management vs Benefits Realisation, Benefits management is…, Steps in benefits management, Identifying needs, Describing goals, Measuring the status quo Back@Work Exercise: Challenges.
  • Why
    Growing need for BR, Are there any “Black-spots” ?, Benefits only enabled in projects, Will, not understanding, lacking, BM Business Case, Incentivisations, Governance, Back@Work Exercise: BM Benefits & Who gets them.
  • Who
    Who, Project v. Business Responsibility, Roles, Responsibilities.
  • What When & How
    Benefits Management Lifecycle, Benefit types, BM activity by phase, Transition, Scoping & Approval, Initiation & Planning, Execution & Control, Review, Exploitation, Stakeholder Expectations, Benefits Realisation, Back@Work Exercise: Why is it an Issue ?,Solving the BM Process challenge, Pre-Approval Lifecycle, Source of Benefits, What & when = how, Selection on Alignment, Post-Approval responsibilities.Expressing benefits, Benefits Map, Benefits interest/ involvement matrix, Boston Squares, RAGging, Benefits Flow chart, Attractiveness.
    Benefits Management Planning, Process improvements ? Translating Strategy into action What is Balanced Scorecard?, Balanced Scorecard Four Indicators, Improved productivity.Measurement tools, Tangible, Intangible, Objective, Subjective, Financials, Customer satisfaction, Regulator, Shareholder, Assign measures and targets to benefits, Establish the benefits tracking regime, Assign responsibilities for realisation, Collect information, Change forces, Project or programme, Benefits Management Tasks, Back@Work Exercise: Implementing your benefits from today.