About Logical Model’s Free B2C eLearning

B2C ~ Our fully instructor supported eLearning in basic project management industry credentials (PRINCE2® and prince2-agile®) is FREE when you book your on-line exams via our website. When we check we are normally the cheapest source of training & exams.

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Our motive is simple ~ Learn the basic facts with us at lowest cost and in that process discover that we have the best insights and best training capability – Then come back to us with confidence when you want to build organisational capability.


B2B ~ We show your people how to lead, manage and deliver projects (change) with an approach that is integrated from Board-room to Boiler-room, an approach that is focussed on people and culture and behaviours, an approach supported by framework, structure, tools and techniques, an approach grounded in principals, pragmatism and flexibility. An approach that offers more than any other we know of.

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What we hear from people when we’ve helped them is “it’s all common sense really” and “that is absolution for what I really thought was right” and “why did we never see for ourselves what seems so obvious and practical now?”
In part the answer is “common sense is obvious when you’ve seen it but hard to observe unaided”.

Take a look through our LearningOptions menu and contact us when you want advice on how to create a holistic approach to the governance of  your benefits realisation practices ‘from Board-room to Boiler-room (and back)™’.

Our B2B training can be either on-site or off-site, in person or virtualClassroom. Our offering is unique; we are not the lowest priced but we offer you the opportunity for the best return-on-investment.