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#pmFlashBlog – A view of PM From the UK

I’m in the uk. Project folk routinely inspire me while at the same time the pm ‘establishment’ depresses me. Dawn Sunrise I hope PM is at the dawn of a great age. The signs are there and I for one know the steps required! But the darkest hour is just before dawn. Current PM capability […]

Three Themes of A Gate Review

(Picture) A gate review is a PORTFOLIO concept where projects are required to demostrate that they are healty. Project health has three axis of measurement Commercial – which includes political and leadership or sponsorship – Right thing  and Quality as Fit for purpose  Control – which relates to management – Done right and Quality as […]

The Power of Earned Value Is Easy For Anyone to Harness

I hear a lot of bullshit about earned value’s complexity. Also the impossibility of introducng it to projects once started or a whole load more excuses. The one arguement I have sympathy with is that many people make a very simple idea horridly, unnecessarily complex. My major reservation is that some people overlook that without clear acceptace […]

Cost is a useful proxy in some contexts, but mostly its misleading

When we start putting together a project we identify costs. Costs are a required input to the business case’s Cost Benefit Analysis. As we manage a project we record costs incurred. Costs incurred must be affordable and settled in a timely fashion BUT Nothing in incurring costs guarentees creation of value Nothing in incurring cost […]

The journey to benefits in one page – broader than the PMBoK or PRINCE2

Scope The scope of P2 and PMBoK are from well formed project definition to transition of deliverables. A marked contrast to the scope of benefits management: from nascent ill-formed idea competing with other demands on capital to steady future_state_business_as_usual (fs_bau). The longer journey to fs_bau includes the shorter. The operational manger’s tool kit needs tools suited to the whole […]

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